Department of Gynecology Research Center


       The Gynecology is one the most advanced specialty at Beijing HongYiTang Hospital. We gathered many well-known TCM gynecological experts with rich clinical experience. With benefits from the advantage of gynecology in traditional Chinese medicine, using new technology, new treatment and modern equipment, they integrate TCM with western medicine to worked out many effective therapies for the treatment of various gynecological diseases. The following diseases are treated with great results.

The main treatment:

 Infertility and menstrual diseases: Menstrual disorders, Dysmenorrhea, Endometriosis, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

 Leucorrhea diseases: Genital swelling, itching, Mildew, Trichomonas vaginitis, Senile vaginitis, Adnexitis, Acute and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease,  Amenorrhea, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, Pregnancy abdominal pain, Habitual abortion.

 Puerperal Disease: Postpartum infection, Postpartum fever, Incessant Postpartum lochia, Insufficient milk.

 Gynecological Miscellaneous Diseases: Uterine fibroids, Uterine prolapse, Fallopian tube obstruction, Tubal adhesions.

 Breast disease: Breast hyperplasia, Breast duct blockage, Breast Nodules.

     Menopausal syndrome: Depression, Hyperthyroidism, Fatigue syndrome, and other types of health related issues.


           Hongyitang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Department of Gynecology Research Center has gathered numerous top medical professional well-known TCM doctors, including Dr. Li Weixian, Dr. Niu Jianzhao, Dr. Wei Yajun, Dr.Yang Yuying, Dr.Liu Yingjie, Dr. Wang Ali, Dr. Duan Yuhua, Dr. Dong Lianrong, Dr. Wang Tongping, and middle-aged experts, such as Dr.Yu Yongyan, Dr. Cao Peihong, Dr. He Zhiping, Dr. Liu Yanfeng, Dr. Li Ru, Dr. Lian Zhihua, Dr. Yun Yufen, Dr. Xia Meng and etc to serve the public. Through a lot of medical records, rich experience of treatment and the latest scientific and technological achievements to research the disease of gynecology. Set up a new TCM treatment system of basic research- clinical treatment- academic theory- guide clinical- improve therapeutic efficacy- healthcare.